Saturday, September 26, 2015


As a child I did not fear people. I already knew that people were evil, cruel and cold, but I also knew that people could die; therefore ending their reign. Demons, on the other hand, had their own set of rules. They did not die, could be lurking anywhere in the dark and would only appear during vulnerable moments. These small, flying monkey like creatures, blacker than the night itself, with tails that ended in  pointy arrows, frequently visited my tiny bedroom.

Marilyn Manson Tarot

They would swoop and swirl around my room at night. Terrified, I would lay in bed and alternate between staring so hard that I felt my eyes would pop, and squeezing, squeezing my eyes shut in the hopes they would be gone when I opened them again. Which of course, I always did, as I could not let the Keres swoop for too long untethered by my stare. And which of course, they never were - gone that is.

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